A bold return from the boundary pushing brothers
Emily Fortune
16:40 27th August 2020

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Returning with their third project Energy, Disclosure bring together some of the scene's most forward-thinking and boundary-pushing artists, taking this latest edition to new levels. Creating a new space, reimagining genres and holding off on all limitations, Energy truly showcases the best of Disclosure and the self-assured musicians it features.

After half a decade of silence, the pair bring us into this new era of their artistry with ‘Watch Your Step’ alongside the iconic Kelis. Bringing a playful and upbeat sound, this first track perfectly sets the energy levels with its soulful-electronica and off-kilter synths. Moving into a slightly heavier sound, ‘Lavender’ remains fast-paced with it’s intriguing, industrial-esque instrumental. 

Heading into the second pre-released track from the project ‘My High’ brings together Portland’s Aminé and Northampton’s Slowthai, effortlessly contributing their varying styles to this experimentally-minded track. Again holding a high tempo, this track puts on display the artists' versatility and ability to switch up both their delivery and flow on a production far distant from their usual sound, making for an intriguing listen.

Opting for a more subtle approach while still keeping the energy consistent ‘Who Knew’ enlists the intricate-lyricist Mick Jenkins. Amongst the contrast of the tranquil soundscapes and rapid percussion, the Alabama artist’s laid-back vocals are altered and layered over the instrumental creating an infectious texture to this detailed track. Continuing with a more relaxed approach, Malian artist Fatoumata Diawara joins the duo on ‘Douha (Mali Mali)’, bringing a breath of fresh air with her intriguing melodies and raw vocals infusing a wholesome sense into this electronic and ever-evolving track.

Moving into the first interlude of the project ‘Fractal’ comes as a bubblegum-infused, neo-soul production before heading into the bridge with a staggered, electronic-arpeggio. Taking it back to their relentless-electronica on ‘Ce n’est pas’, Cameroon’s Blik Bassy lends his vocals to this singular sounding track. Working in tandem with the instrumental to create an effortless melody with his self-assured sound, this track brings together two worlds with ease.

Bringing together high-energy, afro-infused percussion mixed with a range of synths ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’ motivational speaker Eric Thomas once again lends his voice, bringing his positivity to the limitless 'Energy'. 

Appointing the incredible LA-based artists Syd and Kehlani for the penultimate track, ‘Birthday’ creates a perfect space for the vocalists to bring their delicate yet soulful voices together. Holding a more electro-R&B feel compared to the rest of the album, the duo remind us they are still more than capable of creating a little bit of everything. Rounding out this impressive project, hip-hop heavyweight Common brings his slick flow and poetic lyricism on ‘Reverie’ over gentle and fluid instrumental.

This eclectic project reflects on the wide-range of sounds incorporated into the brothers' music over the past ten years and acts as a bold statement of their musicality. Not afraid to push the boundaries and never worried about conforming, Disclosure continue to create a sound solely their own, simultaneously creating both a platform for themselves whilst also re-imagining the styles of icons that came far before them, the pair bring you further into their world and provide Energy in abundance.

Energy arrives 28 August via Island Records.

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