A shining example of how the musical old school can combine with modern sensibilities
Tom Dibb
12:45 18th August 2020

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Fronted by brothers Brian and Michael D'Addario, New York rockers The Lemon Twigs seek to revolutionise modern rock ‘n’ roll by injecting it with a dose of 70s glitz, pomp and circumstance. This mission statement is no better exemplified than within their latest release, Songs For The General Public. Packed full of light guitars, synth riffs and a charm Wings could only dream of achieving.

Opening the album is, ‘Hell On Wheels’ and immediately the tone of the album is clearly set out through the unmistakable 70s charm and Stooges-esque vocal deliveries. The upbeat guitars and strings of the track lead wonderfully into the playground-chant chorus, reaching its crescendo with the titular cries sounding highly reminiscent of Slade’s, ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’. Following on from this is, ‘Live In The Favor of Tomorrow’. Here the fast paced and jangly guitars provide a sense of urgency to the track, only furthered by a piano solo that adds to the manic energy. The vocal delivery is exemplary within the chorus, with the soaring tones being a perfect pair with the melody. It’s a fun and exciting track, but never loses a clear beauty that lies within both the lyrics and the melody.

As the album progresses, tracks such as, ‘Moon’ and ‘No One Holds You (Closer Than The One You Haven’t Met)’ continue to be shining examples of the bands ability to craft wonderful pop songs. This is not to say that the album doesn’t feature its share of darker moments. Within, ‘Fight’ the light and airy pop tones make room for distorted guitars and warped piano loops. The heavy melodic nature of the number marries up with the darker subject maters tackled in the song as it centres around a loveless, failing relationship. With the lyrics remaining at the forefront even through squeals of feedback.

The album closes out with ‘Ashamed’, a tender and heartfelt ballad being the standout number from the album. Gone are the pop or punk stylings of the previous tracks, with this opting for an acoustic sound. Through its breathtaking vocal delivery, the emotion becomes almost palpable. Distorted guitar comes into the mix towards the closing stages, building along with the sense of self-isolated frustration within the lyrics.

Songs For The General Public is shining example of how the musical old school can combine with modern sensibilities. Through their distinct combination of Queen retro-chic and modern day introspective lyrics. The Lemon Twigs have crafted an irresistibly fresh and unique listening experience.

Songs For The General Public is released on 21 August 2020 via 4AD.

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