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15:44 19th February 2020

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King Nun may as well have somersaulted on stage at their show in London on Thursday night (13 February). Prickling with energy that should have made everyone's hair go static, the guitarniks enter stage right, the physical embodiment of their fuzzed up, grungey neo-emo.

Of their debut album Mass, released last October on cult label Dirty Hit, we rhapsodised on King Nun's "eleven-act confessional" with its presentation of a "wonderland warped." Live, the atmosphere is compounded by sweat and sticky floors. Kneeling, rolling around on stage and throwing himself high up in the air, frontman Theo Polyzoides is the ideal foil for some of their sadder songs, the embodiment of some of their more upbeat ones. 

King Nun run through their top tracks - 'Chinese Medicine', 'Hung Around, 'Speakerface' - and also preview a brand new one at the top of their set in the form of 'Golden Age'.

Head below to see the visceral gallery by Katie McLellan-Salisbury.

King Nun played:

Golden Age
Chinese Medicine
Heavenly She Comes
Picking Daisies
Black Tree
Mascara Runs
Hung Around
Little Heaven
Greasy Hotel

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Photo: Katie McLellan-Salisbury