A dive into pop
Tommy Monroe
11:45 16th January 2020

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Gabrielle Aplin is one of the few artists whose EPs are just as good as the album. She never fails to deliver a musical project with deep lyrical meaning, excellent vocals and unforgettable choruses. On Dear Happy, the English singer-songwriter goes pop but doesn’t fail to create an album as breathtaking as her previous projects. 

On Dear Happy, her deep lyrics, emotive vocals and catchy hooks continue to shine. The album begins with ‘Until The Sun Comes Up’ which acts as an appetiser for fans who have waited almost five years to immerse themselves in another of Aplin’s poetic albums. 

Choruses have always been one of Aplin’s strengths and songs like ‘Invisible’, ‘Kintsugi’, and ‘Strange’ are examples of how easy it is for her to create a radio friendly song. One thing that makes the chorus in ‘Invisible' hard to forget is how she elongates the title to the electro pop beat. Meanwhile, ‘Kintsugi’ is arguably the most danceable song in her discography. 30 seconds into the track and body parts begin to move on their own. This song has every element of a pop banger waiting to take over music charts. However, just when you think that is as pop as a Gabrielle Aplin song could get, ‘Strange’ starts to play and one begins to wonder if Dear Happy is an Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez album.

Elsewhere on the album, the singer is enchanting listeners through slow tempo tunes like, ‘My Mistake’ and ‘Just One of Those Days’. As her pitch moves smoothly from high to low on the latter, she sings, “Am I jaded? Am I meant to feel this way? I’m a loser getting beat by my own game.” 

One of the enjoyable things about Dear Happy is how Aplin isn’t afraid to step out of the acoustic, indie scene and dive into pop. Although the new album isn’t something to cry to at 2am (like her previous albums), it’s definitely enjoyable and more radio friendly because of the colourful pop tunes. The new album is a solid project—so solid it makes it hard to rank the albums in her discography. 

Dear Happy is released on 17 January 2020 via Never Fade Records. 

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