The chemistry between the producers and Olsen makes this a masterful creation
Tommy Monroe
08:00 4th October 2019

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With the previous albums in her discography, Angel Olsen established herself as an angelic singer capable of effortlessly churning out soothing tunes. On All Mirrors, the singer continues to enchant with her vocal dexterity while the production and arrangement help in creating unusual sounds that give goosebumps. 

Independently, her previous albums have had notable features either sonically, musically or conceptually. On her fourth album, the most noticeable features are in the composition, arrangement and production. Many of the songs are a thrill to the ears but the Asheville-based singer is in no rush to present the thrill to listeners. Instead, she begins each song softly before injecting multiple vocal surprises into the colourful production. On songs like ‘What It Is’, ‘New Love Cassette’, ‘Lark’, and ‘All Mirrors’, the instrumentation takes a major win. 

Olsen is a singer with many tricks. Most of the songs on the album come with entertaining twists. ‘Too Easy’ is a solemn tune that features the beauty of her soft vocals without the instrumental stunts the other tracks present. However, the simplicity behind it is what makes it beautiful. Meanwhile, ‘New Love Cassette’ - with its poetic lyrics and melodic harmonies - is one unforgettable song on the album. She pours out her heart in the last single, ‘Chance’, as she sings: “I don’t want it all, I’ve had enough, worst feeling I’ve ever had is gone.” This is a reference to love, and is a befitting way to close the album especially since love and life are recurring themes on the record. 

On All Mirrors, she manages to mask the great darkness in her words, as well as the themes of love and loneliness, into the engrossing instrumental performance in each song. This makes it (the darkness) more subtle. Musically, lyrically, and rhythmically, All Mirrors is beautiful and intense. 

All Mirrors is out now via Jagjaguwar. 

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