Featuring Prince, Yeah Yeah Yeahs + more
Elliot Mitchell

11:59 19th August 2014

This morning (19 August) saw Kate Bush issue a statement on her official website requesting fans refrain from filming or taking pictures during her forthcoming string of London dates that kick off next week. 

Filming at gigs has always been a divisive subject, with countless people naturally wanting to 'capture the moment' at shows, yet at the same time having an ipad in your face during your favourite song is unbelievably annoying. 

From an artist perspective, fan-filmed footage can ruin the intrigue and surprise of a live performance, so in the last few years many acts have justifiably started to ban camera phones at gigs, instead urging fans to enjoy the concert without looking at a screen the whole time.

So in that vein, before you start clearing space on your phone to fit that version of 'Wuthering Heights' you wanted to film next week, here are 8 artists who banned camera phones at their gigs.


  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Arguably starting this whole trend a couple of years ago, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs put up this sign before their Mosquito shows in 2012/2013.

  • Savages: Following suit from Karen O & Co, post-punk sensations Savages also tried to ban people from filming at their gigs, stating that it stopped them getting immersed in the show.

  • She & Him: Zooey Deschanel and M Ward are pretty much the king and queen of twee indie-folk, and come across as one of the politest bands ever. Try to film their shows though and you might just see their dark side (or at least more sarcasm like the above sign).

  • Bjork: Iceland's most famous musical export has always been known for her stunning live performances, so it was with little surprise that Bjork wanted to put a limit on fan-footage on her last tour.

  • Neutral Milk Hotel: Jeff Mangum's cult band have always been a bit camera-shy when it comes to live performances, and their recent comeback shows have been no different, with signs before each gig urging fans against personal filming.

  • Jack White: The Lazaretto-man has seemingly relaxed his stance on fan-footage now, but White saw some controversy before a show at the world-famous Red Rocks amphitheatre where a statement surfaced saying fans would "be asked to leave" if they were found filming the show.

  • Kate Bush: The British pop-legend has always been a shy live performer, so it comes with little surprise that Kate Bush has requested fans refrain from filming her forthcoming comeback shows in London later this month.

  • Prince: In typical Prince style, "The Purple Rules" were issued at the singer's recent live shows, stating "No PHOTOGRAPHY, No VIDEO recording, No Cell Phones. These rules will be strictly enforced and violators will be asked to access another experience." In short, don't try and get your own footage of 'Purple Rain'.