(Mostly) great music - but guys, what were you thinking?
Charlie Teasdale

16:02 26th July 2012

It is just as well that you cannot judge a book by it's cover, because if that was the case, then we'd have to assume 2012 albums by the likes of Jack White, Alabama Shakes, Delilah and many more were a load of old rubbish.

These are all great albums - but slightly marred by the terrible artwork that they come packaged in. There’s just been too many clangers to let it go, so we’ve had a little hunt around to find some of the worst album covers of the year so far.

So here you go, click through to find out what we’ve chosen, and as always, let us know if you don’t agree or think we’ve missed something…

  • Delilah ''From the Roots Up'': The album title is not, as you might expect, referring to Delilah''''s transition from aspirational child to adult pop star. It is of course discussing the trials of D.I.Y. home hair colouring, and the pitfalls that lay in wait for the would-be amateur colourist.

  • Plan B ''Ill Manors'': Logo stencilled in a razor blade? Check. Hood up? Check. Backdrop of East London council estate? Check. Puffing on a cigarette (yougetme)? Check. Golly he%u2019s hard.

  • Adam Lambert ''Tresspassing'': For a lad about to sneak onto someone else''''s land and creep around for a while, he''''s wearing a lot of make-up and sporting a pretty high maintenance quiff. In fact, we''''re starting to think Adam Lambert isn''''t prepared for trespassing at all!

  • Maroon 5 ''Overexposed'': Maroon 5 paid Matt Groening to go to the woods armed only with some crayons and a load of acid, deciding that whatever the resulting sketch was, it would be used as artwork for their album. This isn''''t true. Mildly amusing though, right?

  • Cheryl ''A Million Lights'': Who''''s that? Not sure... Massive hair, smoky eyes, pouty lips. Nah can''''t think. Oh wait we''''d know that hideous tribal hand tat anywhere!

  • B.O.B. ''Strange Clouds'': B.O.B. and his fellow hip-hop airline pilots recently went on strike, claiming that the staff lounge at Heathrow Airport was confusing, rainy and generally just too conceptual.

  • Nicki Minaj ''Pink Friday (Roman Reloaded)'': As if Nicki Minaj wasn''''t ghastly enough, her people decided to try and make you feel even more ill by knocking this brain-hurting image together. Maybe a nice summer dress with a backdrop of the Yorkshire Dales next time eh?

  • Alabama Shakes ''Boys and Girls'': This swirling maelstrom of emotional colour makes us think of Whistlers nocturnes, and there''''s clearly a Picasso influence at work here. How else could you explain the abstract arrangement and bold foregrounding?

  • Jack White ''Blunderbuss'': Jack White is great. Not only does he keep making incredible music, but he insists on satirising the music industry by using pseudo-ominous and semi-creepy album artwork. He''''s so funny. Wait, he''''s NOT joking? Oh.

  • Two Door Cinema Club ''Beacon'': A baffling image from the Irish trio on their second album - which was only out-weirded by their ''''Sleep Alone'''' single sleeve featuring an even bigger bum. This would look good in our front room though...

  • Frank Ocean 'Channel Orange': Hmmmm, must remember to top up our pay as you go mobile phone.