If there's a more stunning electronic duo visually in the world we want to know about it - Justice don't do anything by halves it seems
Cai Trefor
17:27 6th October 2017

The sheer force of Justice live is something that no music fan should live without . They played Brixton Academy the other day, and affirmed themselves as one of the most captivating and ebullient electronic outfits in the world.

The French duo have arena sized production fitting into the Brixton Academy and made revelers feel every bit part of a spectacle. Swirling panels of lights and mirrors hover above the duo, their animated LED-adorned flight cases, and the band’s trademark stack of Marshall speakers either side of the duo and their iconic, ever-present cross.

Wanting to give back in appreciation of the love Justice put in were the crowd who breathless in their excitement. As well as the visual experience, Justice’s new live show epitomizes their prowess in combining segments from material old and new, including remixes and newly-produced elements into a constantly captivating, evolving and breath-taking set. Justice's new album is streaming here.