'Four guillotines, floomp! Done!'
Jasmine Cowler

10:48 1st February 2015

Alice Cooper has hatched a plan to chop off Motley Crue's heads as they close their last world tour.

The infamous hard rock band are currently in the middle of their 18 month farewell tour which is taking place to mark the end of 24 years of the band. The last concert will take place on New Year's Eve at New York's Staple Center, with Cooper having his own designs on how the finale will unfold.

The glam-rocker told Australian rock radio station Triple M: “They finish up in the United States on New Year’s, and that’s their last gig...I told them, ‘Why don’t you let me kill you onstage? That finishes everything.’ Four guillotines, floomp! Done!”

Imagine that for a finale. He also reckons it will be  a great excuse to make money by “[auctioning] off the heads on stakes.”

Cooper recently said of current rock music: “I just feel that this whole generation need to all eat a steak. Maybe they just need to quit eating vegetarian food and get out there and get some blood pumping in their system.

"Mumford & Sons are great at what they do. But it’s not rock ‘n’ roll. Don’t call it rock ‘n’ roll. It’s an offence to rock ‘n’ roll."

  • Ozzy Osborne snorting ants: When touring with Motley Cure in 1984 Ozzy asked the band if they had any cocaine. When he was told 'no', he rocked over to a line of ants with a straw and snorted all the poor unaware insects up his nose. From then on the band "knew there was always someone who was sicker and more disgusting" than they were.

  • Nikki Six overdosing in London: The band's bassist took so much heroin in London in 1986, the dealer who sold him the drugs beat him to try to keep him awake before giving up and leaving him for dead. "The dealer grabbed his baseball bat and tried to beat the fucking life into me. He couldn't so he flung me over his shoulder to dump me in the trash, because nobody wants a dead rock star laying around."

  • Tommy Lee not washing for 2 months: In a competition to see who could go the longest without showering, drummer Tommy Lee took it to extremes. All while reportedly sleeping with up to four groupies a night. Things came to a head after one of the groupies got rather ill due to the band's bad hygiene. Gross.

  • Vince Neil's mud wrestling pit: After various stints in rehab for booze, the singer tried to replace his addiction with another - women. This got so out of hand that he ended up building a mud wrestling pit in his house, which he would fill with women for his and his guest's entertainment. Oh and this was also how he met one of his wives. How romantic.

  • Nikki Sixx dying for two minutes: In 1987 the hair raising bassist overdosed again, this time in the company of Slash and was, at one point, officially pronounced dead. He was revived in the ambulance after two minutes of inertia, was grilled by the cops and then tore the tubes out of himself and went home to shoot up yet again. While he was travelling home he was on the radio being reported dead by the California news.

Photo: WENN.com