How did anyone think this was a good idea?
Alexandra Pollard

12:01 12th July 2014

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In what can only be described as a massively ill-advised move from the flower company, Robin Thicke has teamed up with to create bouquets named after his songs.

Robin Thicke recenty released his new album Paula, which is a musical attempt to publicly pressure his estranged wife Paula Patton to take him back.

The album sold 530 copies in the UK on its opening week, and fewer than 54 in Australia. It did slightly better in Thicke's home country - debuting at No.9 on the US Billboard chart, but still sold considerably fewer than his previous offering.

Now, following the PR disaster that was the #AskThicke campaign, the singer has teamed up with flower company 1-800-FLOWERS to create two special bouquets named after album tracks - 'Get Her Back' and 'Forever Love'.

Watch the video for 'Get Her Back' below

We can't quite figure out why they didn't go for tracks 'Still Madly Crazy' or 'Lock The Door'. Or, perhaps, 'I Know You Want It'?

The 'Get Her Back' bouquet will set you back $349.99, whilst the 'Forever Love' one comes in at a cheaper $64.99. The flowers, which include a free download of Paula (the album), are listed alongside the caption, "Inspired by the music of Robin Thicke, they're hand-designed by our expert florists and arranged in a ruby red vase to help you express your feelings in the most romantic way possible."

Paula, Thicke's seventh studio album, was released on 30 June via Star Trak Entertainment and Interscope Records.

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