She says R&B singer 'screwed up his voice'
Gaby Whitehill

10:15 10th October 2013

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Fiona Apple has revealed Frank Ocean was originally supposed to soundtrack the Chipotle commercial she eventually lent her vocals to.

In an interview with Pitchfork, the singer/songwriter said she ended up soundtracking the short film, which was made to promote a new Chipotle app, with a haunting cover of 'Pure Imagination' after the Odd Future member lost his voice.

"Chipotle was in a big rush and they initially wanted Frank Ocean, but he screwed up his voice," she told the US website.

Listen to 'Pure Imagination' below:

Apple then went on to describe her fears at covering the famous song, from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Acting legend Gene Wilder sings it in his role as the famous chocolate factory owner, and Apple admitted she was worried if he would take offence at her cover.

"They wanted to use “Pure Imagination”, a song I wanted to do in a show when I was 18 but was too afraid to. I didn’t want Gene Wilder to be upset about that song being sung by some idiot," she told Pitchfork, adding: "I thought that I had the best chance of doing it well. This is the absolute truth: The only person that I care what they think of the Chipotle commercial is Gene Wilder."

We're sure Apple has nothing to worry about; her haunting, delicate cover has been praised internet-wide.

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