Rapper shocks no one with Twitter posts
michael baggs
14:04 11th May 2013

Azealia Banks has found herself feuding with yet another star over Twitter, this time responding to a tweet from Marina Diamandis or Marina and the Diamonds.

On Friday (May 11) the 27-year-old British artist posted that all of Bank’s personality went into social networking, or at least Banks took the tweet to be referring to her

“All your personality goes on Twitter. IRL [in real life] you have nothing left to give,” Marina tweeted.

The singer mentions no names, but Banks clearly thought the tweet was referring to her and replied quickly, tweeting: “Lol I see this one thirsty singer from the UK sub-tweet about me all the time.

“She better shut up before I steal her look & sound.”

She then continued: “B*tches think they’re clever and rude, but trust me, I’m ruder.

“I can’t stand a scared b*tch.”

Azealia Banks is becoming more known for her Twitter than her music

Banks’ response should surprise no one as countless musical figures have found themselves in confrontation with Banks over Twitter.

Recently it look as if her management team had made the sensible decision to take her account away from the rapper, but she was back recently to announce that she was working with Pharrell Williams amid a series of tweets about her preferences in penises.

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