Another exacerbating possibility is emerging in American politics
Charlotte Hayne
10:03 13th July 2017

Is self proclaimed King of White Trash formally entering into the political limelight?His latest website launch, seems to say that he is.

“Welcome to the Party. I’ll ROCK the party” is the scrolling message on the homepage of Kid Rock’s newly launched website.

Taken at face value, the website is an announcement of his intention to run at the next Senate elections, scheduled for 6 November 2018.

For those wondering where Robert Ritchie a.k.a Kid Rock’s political affiliations lie, he runs Red. No stranger to the political trail, he came out in full support of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election even selling Trump merchandise. Clearly that gave him a taste for something as now he has his own campaign merchandise. You can be the proud new owner of a “Kid Rock for US senate” Bumper Sticker, T.shirt, Cap or Yard sign.

For any doubters that this is a marketing ploy he has tweeted that this is for real and has has more big announcements coming soon.

Previously describing Trump as “entertaining as shit”, his website shows a similar approach of merging crowd entertainment and politics. The Central text on the homepage asks viewers, “ARE YOU SCARED?”

This isn’t a complete surprise, rumours circulated as early as February that he was being mooted by the GOP as a potential candidate for Michigan, with Fox News quizzing their Press officer on this. Ritchie even visited Trump at the White House this April, with pal Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin. If he does run for Michigan, he’ll be competing against Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow who has held her seat since 2000.



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