Animated and live sequences are blended for a dose of psychedelic madness
Julian Marszalek
10:05 17th July 2017

Psychedelic overlords King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have shared a new video in the shape of ‘Invisible Face’. Directed by Jason Galea, the video is the latest in a series of videos from their 2016 album, Nonagon Infinity, and you can watch it here.

The video is the series’ fourth to be unveiled (but number seven in the series), following on from previous videos to 'Gamma Knife', 'People-Vultures' and 'Robot Stop'.

“We’ve always thought of our albums as portals through which you can move from one to the other,” said the band’s frontman Stu Mackenzie. “Or maybe each album is a bridge to the next part of the story. Songs sync together, records can be played in loops and past ideas recur or are reprised, and then woven into new textures. These ideas aren’t necessarily contrived though...sometimes these just happen.”

Umm… no, us neither. What we can tell you is that the video is a mash-up of styles. You get the animated section that recalls many of the cartoons of the 1980s such as He-Man and elsewhere there are live action sequences that could be something out of a Kenneth Anger movie that sees various band members gladly tucking into what we’re guessing is some kind of loopy juice. Whichever way you slice it, it’s all pretty mind-bending stuff. See for yourself…

Elsewhere, King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard are keeping themselves busy. The band have already put out two records since Nonagon Infinity with this year’s Flying Microtonal Banana and Murder Of The Universe. A further three albums are promised in 2017 alone.