Radiohead star gets political
Grace Carroll

09:39 17th January 2013

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Thom Yorke has threatend David Cameron with legal action, should the PM ever use any of his music in a political campaign for the Conservative party.

Speaking to Dazed and Confused magazine, Yorke said, "I can't say I love the idea of a banker liking our music, or David Cameron.

"But I also equally think, who cares? As long as he doesn't use it for his election campaigns, I don't care. I'd sue the living s**t out of him if he did."

He added, "I can't believe he'd like King of Limbs much."

Yorke also spoke about seeing President Obama at the 2009 climate change summit in Copenhagen.

"I went to the Copenhagen summit, and that permanently flipped my lid, because the whole thing was so wrong," he said. "Obama stormed straight past me after the meeting he had with China, and it was just horrible.

"It sort of spun me out permanently to be honest. When you're presented with that level of stupidity it king of blows your mind."

However, Yorke did say that he wouldn't be writing any political songs, saying, "Politics is not a fun thing to write about."

Thom Yorke - don't expect to see him at No 10 any time soon...

He finished by explaining that he has a yoga routine in order to combat the adrenaline drop after being on tour.

The Atoms For Peace frontman said, "I do a minimum of an hour's yoga a day, usually an hour and a half. Coming off tour you have this mad adrenalin, so it's a way of stopping the adrenalin crash. It stops me dropping."

Radiohead and more - Glastonbury rumours: who might actually perform in 2013?

  • Kings Of Leon - Maybe: Kings Of Leon are going to be touring the UK at the start of summer 2013, with their six date trip coming to an end just before the festival. It is also speculated that a new album might arrive some time this year, lending still more credence to the suggestion that they'll make an appearance. Odds are they'll play at least one UK festival, and Glasto's the biggest.

  • Stone Roses - Definitely Not: Although they were one of the most hotly tipped rumours at one point, Emily Eavis has told fans explicitly that The Stone Roses won't be on the 2013 lineup. Sorry.

  • Rolling Stones - Probably: One of the acts that is consistently rumoured for the festival, but never actually play. This year the stars seem to be aligning a lttle more than usual. Emily Eavis has said they are eager to get the band on the lineup, the band seem eager to continue playing big venue shows following their 50th anniversary series, Ronnie Wood has said he wants to do it, and even Keith Richards has said the idea of playing a sunny Glasto is appealing. Of all the rumours, The Stones seem to make the most sense.

  • David Bowie - Fantasy: Pure speculation, but with the icon's sudden reappearance in the charts and the news of a new album in march, the suggestion that he might make an appearance at the festival is building steam. One forum poster promised that if Bowie played he'd 'bake his own ball sack into a testicle quiche and eat it slice by slice'. Paddy Power is offering odds of 2/1 that Bowie will embark on a world tour this year, and 7/1 odds that 2013 will see a live Dancing In The Streets performance with The Stones.

  • Arctic Monkeys - Maybe: In a 2011 interview with GQ frontman alex Turn said he'd like another shot at headlining Glastonbury, saying he felt they ddn't get it quite right in 2007. The group are confirmed for three Euro festivals in June, leaving the Glasto weekend free, which only fuels speculation that they'll be there. But forum rumours suggest the group have more Euro appearances to announce, returning to the UK only at the end of the summer.

  • The Smiths - Definitely not: There were strong rumours of a Smiths reunion tour - which developed into suggestions that the tour would include an appearance at this year's Glasto. The rumoured tour was supposed to happen last autumn, and didn't. Johnny Marr has said 'it's not happening' so anyone hoping to catch them at the festival is clutching at straws. If it rains, you'll have to find something other than Morrissey's face to cheer you up.

  • Thom Yorke - Probably: Thom Yorke has appeared unannounced to the last two Glastonbury festivals to play surprise sets, and has made no secret of how much he likes the festival. On Monday he told Zane Lowe that Atoms For Peace wouldn't be playing the festival, but that parts of the band would appear. That essentially means either Yorke or Flea will be playing in some capacity, and most likely indicates that Radiohead will be filling a headline spot as has been speculated for some time.

  • Daft Punk - Almost definitely not: Another act that is rumoured almost every year for the festival, this year fans hoped there might be more weight behind the rumour than in the past what with news of new material from the duo. But Rob Da Bank has stated explicitly that promoters have been told Daft Punk won't be playing any live shows in 2013.

  • Fleetwood Mac - Probably: As with Kings Of Leon, the band's tour of Europe leaves them perfectly placed to play Glasto. Emily Eavis has also confessed "Fleetwood mac would be amaxing to get, I'll be totally honest, we haven't had any conversations with them yet but, you know, it's early days." Nicks herself has said that if their North American tour goes well they'll extend the tour to include European festivals. All signs point towards a Glasto slot.

  • Prince - If the Daily Star are to be believed, the minature guitar-pop god that is Prince is the first headline act confirmed for this year's festival. Prince was almost signed up for the last Glasto back in '11, but ended up at Hop Farm instead

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