With – who’d have thought it?! Alan Partridge…
Davina Earl

11:03 13th August 2005

Courtney LoveWe kid you not; Courtney Love’s officially got a new beau – Alan Partridge actor – Steve Coogan.

Apparently the radio Norwich DJ has been shacked up with Love at an LA hotel, where they have openly flaunted their relationship in front of guests and got steamy in the lift for 15 minutes.

A source commented: “Courtney was all over Steve. They were flirting in front of everyone.”

Courtney also wrote Coogan a touching love letter, the Sun revealed today:

“It’s so weird and wrong and good and sweet and evil being with you…You are beautiful my little baby and by the way, I love you too.”

Looks like things are looking up for Love after she failed a drug’s test earlier in the week and was threatened with a year long jail sentence. Either that, or she’s shoved so many chemicals up her honker, that she doesn’t realise it’s Alan Partridge she’s sleeping with…