Band to offer cheap seats to struggling fans
Michael Baggs

15:16 29th October 2012

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Bon Jovi have introduced measures to ensure fans of all incomes are able to see the band live on their 2013 tour, offering cheap tickets to struggling fans.

The eighties rockers are set to tour in 2013 on their Because We Can tour, with many expecting prices for all tickets to be out of budget for many fans.

However, the band's tour promoter Rob Hallett has revealed special plans to offer cut-price tickets to fans in need.

"I was delighted when they came to me insisting on ticket prices for the Because We Can Tour next year that enabled all to attend," Hallett tells The Daily Mirror.

"If we are to survive as an industry we need to move away from the elitist image of high prices and even higher secondary prices.

"After all, rock and roll always was and always should be the music of the people and that means everyone."

Fans will be offered the chance to see Bon Jovi live for just $20

The announcement comes after shock from many Rolling Stones fans, who were unable to buy tickets for the rock legends' November London shows. The starting prices for which were over £100.

Rolling Stones last week performed a $20 show for fans in Paris.

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