A bolt of nostalgic indie sunshine
Jessie Atkinson
11:45 23rd June 2020

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Sixties pop vibes never get old, as proved by Willie J Healey and his new one 'Fashun'. The final single ahead of his brand new album, 'Fashun' is dripping with vintage hooks and warm nostalgia.

A gentle chord progression and an optimistic melody make this indie pop song a certified Beach Boys inspiration - and it hits just right. Healey's easy guitar playing fits right into this sunshine yellow world of retro positivity.

The accompanying video is a bolt of happiness too: Healey fools about on camera in a series of fetching bucket hats. It's a good-natured, genuinely funny pastiche of the fashion world.

Willie J Healey: here to save you from total 2020 despair:

On the new track, Healey said: "It was so fun, we didn’t speak about who would play what which made it really wild and I think we got ‘Fashun’ in two takes...A wild man was driving the train and we all loved the ride."

Twin Heavy Track List:

1. Fashun
2. True Stereo
3. Big Nothing
4. Songs For Joanna
5. Twin Heavy
6. Sweeter Than Most
7. Condo
8. For You
9. Heavy Traffic
10. Why You Gotta Do It
11. Thousand Reasons
12. Caroline Needs

Twin Heavy is out 7 August via YALA! Records

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