A jagged alt-soul track
Jessie Atkinson
11:45 14th May 2020

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Tonic wine in title, toxic love in content, Nadine Shah's new single 'Buckfast' is a jagged alt-soul song with all the hallmarks of a vintage crooner filled with caustic fury. With the release, Shah confirms her new album Kitchen Sink will arrive later than planned, on 26 June.

Accompanied by a charming view of a cherry cake spinning on a retro turntable, 'Buckfast' revolves around a guitar riff that flies in a deadly halo around Shah's vocals like broken glass.

Dark and soulful, Shah hardly contains her angry hurt in lyrics that confront a toxic lover.

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Shah commented on the song, saying: ""Buckfast" is about a toxic relationship, it’s about gaslighting."

She also offered her opinion on the tonic wine itself, commenting: "Definitely not my drink of choice or one that I would admit to drinking anyway. I like the idea that it is brewed by Benedictine monks though, makes it seem that bit classier."

Kitchen Sink will now arrive 26 June via Infectious Music.

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