BMTH welcome back Sykes' guttural vocals + pounding electronica
Laviea Thomas
10:23 30th October 2020

Think Count Your Blessings meets Amo… Bring Me The Horizon have gone above and beyond with their latest release, featuring collaborations with Yungblud, Babymetal, Nova Twins and the Queen of emo Amy Lee. In just nine tracks Bring Me have mastered an apocalyptic frenzy with the help of some of the hottest artists in the rock industry right now.

Gearing us up with their first single release in June, ‘Parasite Eve,’ it’s fair to say these last few months have collected old and new fans with a lot of excitement for Survival Horror. Since then they’ve dropped ‘Obey,’ and most recently ‘Teardrops’ and ‘Ludens,’ now out today, Post Human: Survival Horror is an impressive accumulation of their last six albums.

Introductory ‘Dear Diary,’ is Bring Me at their core: Sykes screaming delivery is hellish, the drums are militant, and the guitars are illuminating. ‘Dear Diary,’ catapults you into the twisted journey of their new EP and for fans of their last album, you can probably gauge a pinch of ‘Sugar Honey Iced Tea’ in the chorus of this colossal tune.

Coming in at track two is single drop ‘Parasite Eve’ which is a pretty strong following from the introductory track. It’s dark, it’s riddling but better yet, it is very stapled Bring Me - I think we can universally agree that ‘Parasite Eve’ is a mammoth tune.

Having compiled the album over lockdown despite living apart, Survival Horror is today's best example of the growing necessity of technology. In an interview with Annie Mac Sykes contextualises ‘Teardrops’: “I have so much sympathy for kids that grow up in this age, they’re born into tech addiction which is so normal for us these days.” In a way, that’s exactly what this album is about. The pounding electronica that is woven throughout, the hellish screams and the videography in ‘Obey' are all just examples of how the group are emphasising the message of technology being today’s nationwide killer.

Released just eight days ago 'Teardrops' has surpassed all expectations: it’s grungy and trippy and quite frankly very spooky. In just the first four tracks Post Human: Survival Horror proves a very, very steady comeback.

At track six is Prodigy-driven and excruciatingly energetic ‘Kingslayer'. It’s militant, with a dash of J-pop realness as it welcomes Japanese metal group Babymetal, a really sick collab that none of us knew we really needed. Following is the slightly tamer ‘1x1’ featuring Nova Twins: with frontwoman Amy Love on vocals and bassist Georgia South, it’s exciting to see the worlds of Bring Me and Nova Twins meet.

Across their career, BMTH have been known for being experimental with their sound: we’ve seen them at their heaviest in There is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There is a Heaven Let’s Keep it a Secret, we’ve seen them go more mainstream with That’s the Spirit, and we’ve glanced at them shimmer electropop in Amo. Now in Survival Horror they’ve flipped the switch as they harness their roots, whilst still keeping it fresh. Concluding the album with Evanescence’s Amy Lee, ‘One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March To Your Death,’ is a faultless ending...and a mouthful of a song title to say the least.

Post Human: Survival Horror is out now.

Photo: Press