Ever wanted to know what a woolen bat could teach you?
Jessie Atkinson
10:48 21st April 2020

The Cool Greenhouse have teased their debut self-titled album with another post-everything song titled 'Life Advice'. Sage and tongue-in-cheek, the new track could have come straight out of 1980s Manchester. As it happens, it came out of an old potato-packing warehouse outside Nottingham.

Revolving around three guitar chords and the background musings of various electronics, The Cool Greenhouse lampoon the emptiness of advice culture. 

With a signature vocal delivery no one could mistake, Tom Greenhouse narrates a series of events in which strangers deliver "good advice/advice for life". That includes a woolen bat, if you were wondering how sincere they're being.

Hear it:

Saracasm drips from every syllable of Greenhouse's narration, the archness of his delivery a comedic foil to the absurdity of the music that backs him.

The Cool Greenhouse have staked their claim as a new post-punk curiosity on previous singles 'The Sticks' and 'Landlords'. Check them out if you're cool enough.

The Cool Greenhouse arrives 29 May via Melodic.

Photo: Press