It's an ode to grieving singer Jonny Brown's late mother
Cai Trefor
10:00 13th August 2019

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A candid portrait of songwriter Jonny Brown's life is expected on Twisted Wheel's upcoming  album.

The single promoting the album coming in November, which will be the band's first LP since 2012's Do It Again, is a poignant cut about losing his mother, according to the press release. Brown spent four weeks by his mother's side in a hospital in Spain before travelling back to her nearby apartment in need of rest. In the short moment during this period he was without her he was told the news she had sadly passed away.

Released as a the follow up to lead single 'Nomad Hat', 'D.N.A.' is understandably a shift away from the rowdy, anthemic sound the band broke through with in 2007 - 'You Stole The Sun' being perhaps the most rousing.

A track with a shifting tempo, there's real magic in the slow evocative, atmospheric guitar patterns as well as the faster Neil Young-esque guitar solo. Brown's vocal, dealing as overtly with the pain as it is, hits straight through you.

The upcoming 2019 LP this track will be on follows the band's 2018 EP Jonny Guitar. 

Twisted Wheel burst onto the UK music scene in 2007 and in 2008 signed to Columbia when guitar music was a more prominent genre in the charts than it is now. They were building great momentum supporting heroes such as Oasis, Ian Brown and Happy Mondays.

They remain an important cult band and topped the UK physical charts in 2018 with the Jonny Guitar EP.

For an in-depth look into Twisted Wheel's history here's an exclusive interview titled: Twisted Wheel on heroin, sleep deprivation + new horizons.

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