Including a mammoth show at Alexandra Palace
Chloe Thompson
12:16 24th June 2019

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IDLES have today (24 June) announced a short yet indispensable UK tour for this Winter, including their biggest headlining show yet at London’s Alexandra Palace on the 7 December. The gigs, representing a massive celebration of all the band has achieved over the past two years, will ooze with IDLES’s passion, power and politically incited rhetoric all packaged into their “catchy, dizzying punk”. 

In a musical backdrop that’s become pretty safe and sanitised, IDLES remain unapologetically honest in their music, a quality that is fervently embraced by their fans and something that was witnessed first hand at Isle of Wight Festival this year. During their performance in the Big Top, the audience became so immersed in that unfiltered energy the band channel into their tracks that one girl in particular became so possessed by the music that she literally looked like “she had an exorcism carried out upon her…as if you could see the meaning of the band’s music coursing through her veins”.

To witness such mind-blowing musical expression, grab tickets to one of IDLES gigs this December. Tickets go on sale this Friday 28 June at 9:30am.

For location and dates, check out the tour posted below, designed by Orlando Weeks: 

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Photo: Katie Willoughby