Step inside the Brighton quintet's alternate universe
Chloe Thompson
14:19 21st June 2019

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Today (21 June) Youth Sector, Brighton’s latest art-rock quintet erupt onto the scene once again with their new single ‘Renting Spaces in My World’. 

The gripping track, which the band revealed, is about someone struggling to get to grips with reality, is sharp with cutting guitar riffs while it’s robotic synths add a layer of complexity and transcendentalism, creating their own alternate universe which the band lures us into by fervently greeting us with, “hello, welcome to my world”. 

An electric mix of dominating bass guitars and sharp psychedelic synths form the foundation of this exhilarating track while the drawling yet captivating vocal melodies tell the story of, according to Youth Sector, “someone who, in their own grandiose delusion, believes they own the whole world and all the other people are paying customers, renting the opportunity to exist within it”. This sense of disillusionment is mirrored in the track as the 80s-esque synths become increasingly robotic and the crooked guitars begin to bite at each other. Listen to ‘Renting Spaces In My World’ below: 

The chorus is packed with punchy indie energy, and couple this with the thrilling combination of angular bass lines and hypnotic synths, Youth Sector have taken indie rock to a whole other level. The tension and anticipation which build up and down throughout the track keep us on the edge of our seats.

With their earlier tracks having received extensive approval across major airwaves such as BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music, the band have created a solid reputation for themselves, and this new track is likely to project them that bit further towards the spotlight.

Like what you hear? Catch Youth Sector live on 26 June at The Old Blue Last in London or on 13 July at Patterns in Brighton. 

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