Twitchy guitar-pop from the Brighton alt-rockers to announce their new EP
Elli Chappelhow
10:08 12th June 2020

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If somehow obsessing over housing prices and having to make unwanted compromises could be made to sound upbeat, Youth Sector have managed to do it. Fusing agitated guitars with infectious hooks and synths aplenty, they’ve made an anthem for those who continually find themselves googling removals companies in their lunch break from their dull day jobs.

“At the stage we are all at in our lives, we have flown the nest of university/education and it’s lovely, reliable structure; and the space we've found ourselves in now is one of new responsibilities, day jobs and house moves. The EP reflects feelings, thoughts and ideas that come with the everyday reality we all share at this point in our lives, for instance the somewhat comedic woes of trying to find an affordable house to rent that isn't falling apart at the seams,” the band explain. Listen to the track below:

Following on from previously released singe ‘No Fanfare’, today’s single ’Real Estate’ has been plucked from Youth Sector’s debut EP Mundanity, set for release on 17 July on Young Poet Records, with its cover artwork designed by the iconic Storm Studios who have created art for the likes of Pink Floyd and Muse in the past. Although the lyrics may reveal the sometimes-blandness of young adulthood, the vibe is sure to be as bright and warm as the July sun.

The Mundanity EP is released on 17 July via Young Poet Records.

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