Explore a tapestry of influence
13:04 7th May 2021

Want something brand new? Something fresh? You came to the right place: welcome to your introduction to Good Health Good Wealth, the East London/Lithuanian collab making electro-garage hip-hop.

Today, they're releasing their debut EP RICH, and it's a tapestry of influence with Mike Skinner and Baxter Dury jumping out of the vocals, and The Clash and The Specials creeping in the instrumentals.

Give it a listen and read about the songs from the perspective of the duo themselves below.


Alright is the sensitive geezer anthem, it's that classic man's man thing isn't it, drown your problems in drink, get in a row outside the chippy, rinse and repeat. Who hasn't thought they were Anthony Joshua after having a few too many?  Verse 2 is one of my favourite bars I've written. I like artists that aren't afraid to put some humour in their writing like Ian Dury and I can't wait till we get to do some live shows again so I can shout 'I'm Danny Dyer' at a room full of people.

'Love Hangover'

Love Hangover is the song you'd get if the Bee Gee's had a massive night down the local - it's my favourite tune on the EP. It ticks all the boxes I want when I'm writing a new song - hard lyrics, nice falsetto, big hook, I just proper love it. I wanted the imagery to be quite garish but also relatable, a bit like how Action Bronson talks about food or old baseball players. Everyone's met the guy that's chewing your ear off down the pub, and everyone's definitely experienced that feeling the next day where you're just hanging out your nut and need some love. Also shout out to Dylan Hayes, Big O, Sabine and the whole gang for the video. They came through during some tough times and absolutely delivered the goods.

'All I Want Is Everyone To Love Me'

Our ode to social media. It's quite mad when you take a step back and actually think about it. Back in the day none of this stuff even existed. Now we're all so wrapped up in wanting to be loved by everyone else and keeping up appearances for people that don't even know us, it does my head in. It was one of the very first tunes we made with Rich Archer, who produced the whole EP. I remember walking down Fenchurch Street with my mate/manager after the session and playing it to him through the headphones (you know when you share them and have one ear each) and we both looked at each other like... we might have a bit of a monster here. 


This is an important one for me - one of my most honest tunes lyrically. I was listening to a lot of Mike Skinner when I wrote it and I think I was basically trying to write my own version of 'It's Too Late'. That's one of my favourites Skinner has ever done, and Simon actually tattooed it on my knee. Guinness is love song at the heart of it, about the beautiful little moments. It's about loving someone flaws and all, trying to be the best version of yourself, to help them be the best version of themselves. It's also one of those tunes that's quite epic, you can imagine it being a good encore.
RICH EP is out now. 

Photo: Sej Jheeta