A murderer and a witness walk into a bar…
Joe Smith
11:44 14th June 2021

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Ghanaian-born, London-based artist PSYKHI combines light and dark on his winding new single 'Rat Poison', which is out today.

‘Rat Poison’ is storytelling in music at its best. Detailing an encounter between a murderer and a witness to their crime, it manages to fuse a dark narrative with airy guitar, creating a wonderfully brilliant sonic juxtaposition.

With the single comes the fantastic music video, created in collaboration with Nigerian artist Peter Spanjer.

On the single, PSYKHI has said:

 “It’s a horror story in a song. I wanted to paint an intense scene that is reminiscent of gothic literature; to create a sense of wonder and terror, mirrored by the chaos and harmony of the guitars.”

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