+ shares new single ‘Disassociate’
Joe Smith
12:19 11th June 2021

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An artist as existential as she is essential, Deb Never’s music has captured the minds of the masses. Her alt-rock sound combined with genre-bending production has firmly cemented her as a talent to be reckoned with.

On Where Have All The Flowers Gone, Deb Never has been toying with her own emotions, noting the pressures of existent in a place of constant change as a key source of inspiration, we can be sure that this record will take us through the highs and lows of artistry, whilst keeping Deb Nevers signature bleak beauty close by.

On new single, ‘Disassociate’, Deb navigates herself through icy sonic landscapes, both cinematic and atmospheric, before the track crashed to a holt in the form of a solitary moment of peaceful vocals that disappear as quickly as they arrived.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone arrives 23 July via Moonlanding.

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