KAWALA-fying the original track with gorgeous vocals and acoustic guitars
Vicky Greer
11:03 7th May 2021

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KAWALA are back with a cover of Griffe & HONNE’s ‘1,000,000 x Better’, which will feature on their upcoming mixtape, set for release this summer.

The band turned the gentle electronic sound of the original into an acoustic, laid-back summery tune.

They explained:

“We’ve always loved the idea of recording a cover. Something about taking a song we enjoy and putting our own little spin on it feels really rewarding. We spent loads of time debating the ideal song until eventually stumbling across ‘1000000x Better’ by Griff & Honne and we were just blown away. The melody writing & progression were so interesting & we really thought we could have a go at Kawala-fying it. With two studio days before Christmas eve to arrange & record it, we’re pretty chuffed with the outcome”

Having established themselves as key players in the UK’s live music scene, this cover sees them use their classic vocal harmonies and a laid-back sound in all the best ways.

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