Join Maynard James Keenan and co. for a 'rare immersive dissection' of their songs.
Andy Hill
11:50 10th April 2018

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Los Angeles prog titans Tool are treating their US fans to a special music clinic tour, where members of the group will answer questions and guide audiences through a part-by-part breakdown of the group’s musical output.

Guitarist Adam Jones, drummer Danny Carey, and bassist Justin Chancellor will embark on a six-city jaunt starting on May 11 at the Myth Live Event Center, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Singer (and winemaker, who knew?) Maynard James Keenan will not be part of the process.

Fans can expect an “intimate discussion of the inner workings of the band’s music,” covering every stage of the band’s creative process from the writing room, to how the band translates their often densely complicated material in a live setting.

The sessions will culminate in an open Q&A session, as well as a meet and greet.

The group are also – superfans rejoice – bringing along a “traveling exhibit of unique memorabilia” for fans to view.

Last month the band teased that they’re back in the studio working on a follow up to their last album, 2006’s 10,000 Days/

"After all the years of writing and arranging (and re-arranging) at the band’s loft, I can at this time officially report that the guys have moved into a major studio where the recording process for the next album is about to begin in earnest," read a statement on their website and social platforms.

"For the past few days the band members have been getting sonically adjusted to their new surroundings - dialing in the equipment settings and restaurant catering choices – in preparation for [drummer] Danny [Carey] to begin his tracking any time now – perhaps by the time that you read this!"

The excitement mounts…

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