He fails to return to Heather Mills.....
Scott Colothan

12:15 14th May 2006

When you release a single as brilliant and monstrously massive as ‘Crazy’, it’s difficult not to subconsciously let that hit track overshadow the rest of the album. But it’s fine testament to Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo Green that they’ve made such an effortlessly cohesive work that takes in a plethora of styles and really works as a whole. Refreshingly, it’s an album that defies pigeonholing – funk, soul, pop, dub, house, hip-hop are all at home here and contribute to a benchmark album of 2007.

Kicking off with the mish-mash sounds of ‘Go-Go Gadget Gospel’, with zany trumpets, Cee-Lo’s booming yelps and gospel vocals, it’s a sure-fire taste of things to come. Thankfully, (and with absolutely no need of an introduction) ‘Crazy’ is out the way early, paving the way for the rest of the album to flow freely starting with the soulful crooning sounds of the album title track. A cover of the Violent Femmes tune, the insanely catchy interpretation of ‘Gone Daddy Gone’ built around a hyperactive electronic hook and an infectious chorus, hints that there may be more smash single to some yet. Importantly, it soon becomes transparent that the duo clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, typified by ‘The Boogie Monster’ complete with mock-horror noises and almost comical monster noises. Nice.

After the respite of ‘Feng Shui’ the album reaches another zenith with ‘Just A Thought’ all clattering drums and plaintive grooves, Cee-Lo’s desperate call is genuinely affecting. Followed by the frankly manic and very Outkast-esque ‘Transformer’, it’s all proof, there’s many sides to their art. After a slight blip in proceedings, the duo subvert things with the disturbed and sinister ‘Necromancer’ – a song about necrophilia, well naturally and enticingly showing that beneath the pop façade of Gnarls Barkley there’s a sinister underbelly.

While Cee-Lo’s inimitable vocals are undeniably a crux part of ‘St Elsewhere’, Danger Mouse is definitely the real star here with his inspired production. The man has concocted bounteous delectable sounds, but crucially the album never gets muddy. Cool as fuck.