'And Play A Game' is a hypnotic, looming cut of brilliant psychedelia
Cai Trefor
14:31 11th August 2017

Sicilian multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic polymath JuJu, aka Gioele Valenti will return with a new album Our Mother Was a Plant, his second LP and first for the Fuzz Club label.

Featuring two guest performances by Capra Informis, the djembe player in masked Swedish psych titans Goat, the album continues to explore themes of straining relationships between humans and nature, as well as neo-pagan mythology and the moral implications of the refugee crisis.

The first track from the record, And Play A Game, is streaming now, and sees JuJu slip instantaneously into a fluid, dynamic groove which soon becomes a hypnotic, looming build as primal rhythm takes hold.

Elsewhere on the album JuJu delves into an array of psychotropic texture, the only constant being a relentless sense of unceasing, pounding groove.

The whole album is due for release on September 22, and will be celebrated with a gig at Liverpool Psych Fest that same day. The tracklisting for Our Mother Was a Plant is as follows:

1 - Death By Beautiful Things
2 - In A Ghetto (Feat Capra Informis)
3 -And Play A Game
4 - James Dean
5 - I Got Your Soul
6 – Patrick
7 - What A Bad Day
8 - Sunny After Moon (Feat Capra Informis)