Daughter have nailed their brief and then some
Cai Trefor
16:37 8th August 2017

Daughter have revealed that they have written Music From Before The Storm, the original score to the video game Life is Strange: Before The Storm.

The first of these tracks, 'Burn It Down', has been uploaded on to YouTube already and amassed over 15,000 streaams in an afternoon. The comments are positive, and rightly so: this is an incredibly powerful number, with domestic destruction at its heart, and emotion dripping from its core. You feel genuinely moved as you listen to it. 

Instrumentally, the track is a textured mish-mash of styles, and shows the band ill-afraid to be ambitious and adventurous with a high budget studio session. Hearing the organic instruments used in the rock and classical worlds combine with drum samples and effects used in the electronica, and somehow make it all sound so cohesive is impressive.

The video game is the prequel to Life Is Strange. It was a boundary-breaking video game, with principal characters drawn from real life facing everyday issues, touching upon difficult situations such as bullying, suicide, teen pregnancy as well as tackling the complexities of love and friendship.


Before The Storm, according to the synopsis sees "Players will take on the role of a rebellious 16 year-old Chloe Price who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber; a beautiful and popular girl destined for success. When Rachel’s world is turned upside down by a family secret, it takes this new-found alliance to give each other the strength to overcome their demons".

'Burn It Down' succinctly fits part of the narrative where the character is suffering before they find the strength to overcome their problem as singer Elena Tonra seems to put herself in shoes of the character and possibly draws from personal experience to give it compelling realism.

What's more, it's fantastic to see a video game that can touch on some taboo's, and open a dialogue about issues affecting children in their formative years.

Tracklist to the album out 1 September
1. Glass
2. Burn It Down
3. Flaws
4. Hope
5. The Right Way Around
6. Witches
7. Departure
8. All I Wanted
9. I Can't Live Here Anymore
10. Dreams Of William
11. Improve
12. Voices
13. A Hole In The Earth