'Something To Remember Me By' is the band's most accessible work to date
Cai Trefor
13:12 10th August 2017

The Horrors have revealed the second taste of their upcoming fifth LP, V, in the shape of their poppiest track to date, Something To Remember Me By.

Standing at seven minutes, it’s yet another example of The Horrors’ brilliant ear for the epic, while simultaneously exhibiting a bold new direction for the group. Produced by Paul Epworth, the band’s new album is at points the band’s most accessible material to date, and 'Something To Remember Me By' is the prime example. Anchored by a slick, danceable groove, Faris Badwan’s vocals are at their smoothest and most tender, while the band’s signature spins of left-field textures are more restrained.

It’s a different side to the record compared to the throbbing, industrial pump of Machine, with the album as a whole lying somewhere between two extremes. Speaking of the album coming from different directions, frontman Faris Badwan said: “It is a risk. But life isn’t much fun without risk. It’s the antithesis of being creative if you know what you’re going to be doing every time.”

Keyboardist Tom Cowan added: “It’s natural, if you do see yourself as an artist, to progress and not play it safe. Bowie pre-empted the modern condition of not being able to stay in one place for very long, and I get frustrated with bands who stay still. Because then it does become a career.”

It’s the closing track of the record. The full track listing for V is:

Press Enter To Exit
Two Way Mirror
Weighed Down
World Below
It’s A Good Life

Something To Remember Me By The Horrors will also be heading out on a full British and Irish tour this October, the dates are as follows:


16 – Belfast, Mandela Hall
17 – Dublin, Tivoli
19 – Glasgow, Qmu
20 - Newcastle, University
21 – Leeds, Beckett University
22 – Liverpool, Academy 1
24 – Birmingham, Institute
25 – Bristol, Bierkeller
26 – Cambridge, The Junction
28 – Brighton, Acca
29 – London, Koko