Blissed out ambient sounds revealed in new clip from the Philly-based indie rock legends
Cai Trefor
09:57 20th April 2017

The War On Drugs, the band responsible for 2014's awesome Springsteen-esque rock album, Lost In A Dream, among other great albums, are back with new synth-y sounds.

At the end of last year, in our list of comebacks to get excited about in 2017, we said it was just "wishful thinking" that they'd make a return. But it looks a firm reality that they're back properly. A short solely instrumental clip was posted on The War On Drugs Facebook page alongside black and white images of them in the studio surrounded by synths and guitars. It's a fairly large studio with some tasty looking equipment. It looks like whatever's been cooking in there will be a sonic treat. 

For the last album, Lost In A Dream, singer Adam Granduciel told this writer that he isolated himself socially and removed himself from many relationships with the sole aim of getting the album out.

Every part was written by him with musicians playing the parts based on demo's. The deditcation meant it was his best album and he broke through from trendy Pitchfork/Primavera vouched for newcomer and became a main stage Glastonbury/ widely-known rocker - the album was just too good for anyone to ignore, and it made a plethora of end of year lists. The band even got a new record deal, signing to Atlantic.

It will be interesting to see if the new music is more collaborative and what impact all this success has had on the long-haired denim-loving rocker Adam Granduciel and band.

Elsewhere, the band are releasing a track especially for Record Store Day this Saturday (22 April). They posted on Facebook: "Excited to be part of Record Store Day this year. New song 'Thinking Of A Place' will be available as a 12" on April 22 at indie retailers."

The War On Drugs began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2005. At that point Kurt Vile was also in the band. Vile went on to pursue a solo career that has done remarkably well.

Granduciel's employed a rotating cast of musicians since it's beginning with the singer/guitarist being the main driving force. We look forward to the new album; if that's what this teaser is indicating is coming.