The 75,000 word long manuscript recalls the Stones' early days
tom skinner
09:15 17th February 2017

The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger reportedly wrote an autobiography in the early days of his career - though it's said that he can't remember writing it and refuses to publish the book. 

Speaking in a recent article for The Spectator, publisher John Blake claims to be in possession of the manuscript, which is sitting in a "secret hiding place" to this day.
According to Blake, the 75,000 word long book gives an "extraordinary insight" into the rock star's career up until the early 1980s. 

The memoir is described by Blake as "A perfectly preserved time capsule written when the Stones had produced all their greatest music but still burned with the passion and fire of youth and idealism".

Jagger reportedly struggled to complete the work as “all the years of drugs and debauchery had addled his brain so badly that he could not remember anything”. When the work was finally completed, Blake claims it was turned down by publishers due to it being "light on sex and drugs".

The article includes a taste of the memoir's content, with Blake shining light on his favorite moments: "One of my favourite anecdotes is of Mick returning unannounced to Dartford to see his parents after two years of chaotic world tours, debauchery, mayhem, riots and goodness only knows what else. ‘Oh Michael,’ says his horrified mother on opening the door. ‘Your hair….’"

Blake states that "this book needed to be published" but it's said that Jagger "could not remember any manuscript" and wanted to distance himself from the project. 

It is claimed in the article that Jagger was paid a one million pound advance - though he then paid it back. 

Blake apologises to fans who would certainly be more than keen to get their hands on the manuscript: "apologies to the 10 million people around the world who would love to read this story. After all, as the philosopher Jagger once said: ‘You can’t always get what you want.’".

The Rolling Stones released the studio covers album Blue & Lonesome in December last year.