Brighton's most promising newcomer has some strange but cool visuals for his latest banger
Cai Trefor

16:15 16th February 2017

Brighton-based producer and songwriter Speelburg has released the video to his supreme new single, ‘Pulse Of A Million’.

Speelburg, real name Noah Sacré, is one of the craziest, best talents that Brighton has ever seen. This newcomer is cutting through into the forefront of the industry (Pigeons and Planes, Clash, Noisey, Radio 1 – you name it, they’re into it). His production skills, bourne out of an incessant desire to push to the outer limits of his creativity, and buoyed by the quality of friends and musical mentors Eagles For Hands and Leon Vynehall, have driven him to achieve awesome levels of greatness.

His back-catalogue of innovative, soulful pop music is likeable enough that everyone in the room shuts up and goes: "I like this". It’s pop enough to impress the hit hungry, and leftfield enough to inspire people’s imagination and not feel it’s pastiche.

This track ‘Pulse Of A Million’ isn’t his best yet, it’s just consistent with everything the artist has put out, and all the tracks are great for different reasons.

Of the tune Sacré says: “It’s is a song about my supposed alter-ego, who claims to be the aforementioned all-powerful Universe-god, and is here to fuck shit up, but bring everyone closer together in doing so. It’s kinda like the musical version of that death trip scene at the end of Brainstorm where Christopher Walken sees all the angels in space flying towards the light.

“When they asked me what I wanted to do for the video, I took a minute to think about it…and then I got distracted and read this tweet by a dude who got super baked:

'What if when we die the light at the end of the tunnel is the light to another hospital room, there we are born and the only reason you come out crying is because you remember everything from your past life and you're crying at the fact that you died and lost everything, as you grow you start to forget your past life and focus on the life you have now, but patches of memory stay behind and that memory causes deja vu.'

“Now, I'm not saying that I was gonna make the music video-version of a stoner's tweet, but you know…could be cool, right?"

Well, it is actually pretty weird and cool and Sacré’s girlfriend plays his pregnant wife giving birth to a full grown adult Noah. Luckily, he was courteous enough to check with the family.

“I even asked my girlfriend to ask her parents and her grandma if it would be ok for her to play my pregnant wife and give birth to me," he laughs. "They're Swedish, so pretty damn open minded they were totally cool with it.

It's art after all and good art, too.


Photo: Press