'My plan is that Bono and I would sneak into everyone’s house and put a CD under their pillow'
Cai Trefor
23:01 9th January 2017

Remember the fuss that people made in 2014 when U2's free album Songs of Innocence was forcibly imposed on them via Apple's publicity stunt? Well, it seems the Edge has dealt with the backlash with a light-hearted dose of sarcasm when asked how his next album will be released.

The Edge said in an interview with Rolling Stone: "My plan is that Bono and I would sneak into everyone’s house and put a CD under their pillow. But unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be getting much support from the rest of the band."

In regards to the last campaign where Songs of Innocence was automatically downloaded on people's Apple devices without their consent, Bono himself even felt the need to apologise.

"Oops … I’m sorry about that. I had this beautiful idea … might have gotten carried away with ourselves,” he said at the time in an interview on the band's Facebook page. "Artists are prone to that thing. A drop of megalomania, a touch of generosity, a dash of self-promotion, and deep fear that these songs that we poured our life into over the last few years might not be heard."

An independent study by Kantar Group concluded that U2 accounted for 23% of all music listened on iOS devices throughout January 2015.

Elsewhere, U2 revealed shortly before Christmas that they have huge plans for 2017 with new album shows as well as a tour dedicated to their finest album, The Joshua Tree - the album gave us 'Where The Streets Have No Name' and 'With Or Without You' and is a superb listen from start to finish.

Noel Gallagher and The High Flying Birds have been announced as support for U2's 30th anniversary Joshua Tree tour where Bono and co will play the classic album live in full for the first time.

Tickets for the forthcoming UK and European U2 tour are on sale Monday 16 Jan 9am.