Prince's estate is in the process of being valued in a Minnesota court
Cai Trefor
11:38 10th January 2017

This week the probate court in Minnesota has been dealing with Prince’s inventory getting a clearer picture of the 'Purple Rain' stars net worth by revealing his empire of properties, cash, and even 67 gold bars giving a 

Prince died on 21 April last year after an accidental opioid overdose; he left no will.

Prince had tens of millions of dollars worth of property. Carver County District Court records revealed that Bremer Trust, the company monitoring Prince’s estate, valued his dozen properties at approximately $25.4m.

The records also show the late superstar had about $110,000 across four separate bank accounts.

One of his other assets, however, are the 67 gold bars, weighing 10 ounces each. They have been given an estimated value of nearly $840,000.

Much of Prince’s personal wealth is yet to be valued. His musical instrument collection, jewellery and furnishings are yet to be assessed.

His cars are another asset yet to be added to the inventory, with Prince’s 2006 Bentley, the iconic ‘Purple Rain and ‘Graffiti Bridge” motorcycles among his unvalued vehicles.

Prince’s estate has been given an estimated value between $100 million and $300 million. After taxes the amount is thought to at least halve.

Prince also had a lot of companies, such a Paisley Park Enterprises Inc, NPG Records Inc, NPG Music Publishing and LotusFlow3r. All of these companies had around $6 million in cash at the time of Prince’s passing.

At this time it is still unclear to value Prince’s trademarks and copyrights.

His estate may also be affected due to pending lawsuits, but the next hearing on 12 January is expected to clear some of the unresolved issues, including finding out who is the heir to Prince’s estate.

Dozens of claims have emerged over the past few months with people wanting to be heir to Prince’s estate, but it is yet to be decided where his fortune will go.