'If meat is murder then the live export industry is the slow boat to hell'
Cai Trefor
22:08 31st October 2016

Morrissey, who is currently on tour in Australia, has written a letter to Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, criticising the country's livestock export industry and asking him to shut it down. Read the letter on Gigwise below.

The livestock export industry has come under scrutiny in terms of its care and welfare of animals.

According to Peta Australia
: "millions of animals go to countries in the Middle East and Asia, a gruelling trip that may take weeks in the searing heat. Many die of dehydration, starvation, or disease before they reach their destination, and those who survive are subjected to abuse and methods of slaughter that would be illegal here."

Morrissey quite rightly has voiced his concern and the letter reads: “The horrific cruelty in the live-export industry is heavy enough to sink a ship, yet you insist on condemning millions of animals to this fate every year. You can deny I until you are red(der) in the face, but the industry is dying. Live exporter Elders is shutting down its long-haul trade, and exports of both cattle and sheep are slipping.

“Your recent dismissal of the need for an animal-welfare office in your department shows that you are currently on the wrong side of history. If meat is murder, live export is the slow boat to hell. Please help pave the way towards a kinder future by putting the live-export industry out of its misery immediately. Yours Sincerely, Morrissey.”

Joyce’s response is far from progressive and he has seemingly brushed off Morrissey’s critique of the antiquated handling of livestock.


Morrissey does not have Twitter so no response has been issued to those public remarks.

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