Watch the video for 'Never Swim Alone' from Outrage! Is Now
Julian Marszalek
11:51 15th August 2017

Canadian noise-rock duo Death From Above are back with a new album, Outrage! Is Now, and they’ve rather magnanimously shared a video for new track, ‘Never Swim Alone’, that you can watch below.

Outrage! Is Now is the follow-up to 2014’s The Physical World and is released on September 8. The band – vocalist and drummer Sebastien Grainger and bassist Jesse F. Keeler – changed their name from Death From Above 1979 earlier this year.

Speaking of the new album, Grainger said: “There’s an absolute chaos and confusion in the world and people who would otherwise agree on most things seem to be disagreeing on everything.

“There’s a lot more space between the poles of opinion and views on the world. It seems like there's a barrier of disgust as we dehumanise one another based on a few slight differences of opinion.

“The album title is an observation of this hyper-sensitivity, which we’re all a part of.”

Keeler added: “I hope fans hear the progression. This record is very much the result of the environment and experiences of the last five years.

“If we didn’t have struggle, life would be really fucking boring. These songs are a anti-boredom manifesto.”

He’s not wrong about the anti-boredom. As evidenced by ‘Never Swim Alone’, Death From Above are going straight for the jugular with a righteous howl of yes, outrage, and also a huge dollop of sonic energy that emphatically proves that you don’t have to make tedious meat’n’potatoes rock if you’re a drum’n’bass rock duo. And the fact that’s over almost as soon as it starts simply adds to the urgency contained within its two minutes.

The track listing for Outrage! Is Now is:

01. Nomad
02. Freeze Me
03. Caught Up
04. Outrage! Is Now
05. Never Swim Alone
06. Moonlight
07. Statues
08. All I C Is U & Me
09. NVR 4EVR
10. Holy Books