The 'You're DEad!' saga continues
Sam Meaghan
11:31 23rd March 2016

Flying Lotus has surprised everyone by uploading three new tracks to Soundcloud last night.

The three tracks, ‘Haleys Line//thundercat’, ‘No Feeer Thunnderrrcat2010’, and ‘TDC – Alt Experiment’ are the newest songs the producer has released to date.

Lotus’s last album, ‘You’re DEad!’ came out in 2014 then a huge deluxe edition of the album with no shorter than 39 tracks on that was released. But it would seem that he still wasn’t finished with the ‘You’re Dead!’ chapter.

His newest tracks are from the same time that he was writing the ‘You’re DEad!’ album as a similar sound features. But even though the newest tracks have been released, there is still no news about a potential sixth studio album.

‘Haleys Line//thundercat’ takes a more guitar driven sound. The sample used features a guitar line that wouldn’t sound too out of place on an early Foals album. But it is the keyboard recorded over the guitar sample that makes the classic Flying Lotus sound.

Whilst boasting an incredible Macauley Caulkin homage as its artwork, ‘No Feeer Thunnderrrcat2010’, is the most bass-driven of all the tracks. Even though the guitar samples are still out in full force, the riveting bassline that is later ingrained into your memory will be there for some time.

‘TDC – Alt Experiment’ is probably the most toned down of all the tracks. Even though it is still frantic at times, it’s not a challenging listen. As opposed to guitar samples feeding the imagination of the listener, this tracks focuses a lot more on the use of strings.

You can listen to the tracks below:

‘No Feeer Thunnderrrcat2010’

'TDC Alt Experiment'

'Haleys Line//thundercat'