The Purple One left behind a child
Andrew Trendell

09:59 28th July 2016

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As the battle for who will inherit Prince's estate continues, a parternity test has proven that the 'Purple Rain' icon left behind a child. 

Following his death in April, an autopsy revealed that the 'Kiss' and 'Raspberry Beret' icon died following an overdose from painkiller Fentanyl

His sister Tyka Nelson went to court to call for a special administrator to oversee her brother’s estate as he left no will prior to his death - and it was believed that his surviving family only included his sister and five half siblings who stand to share in his fortune and $300million estate.

Now, a genetic testing lab in Santa Monica lab has verified that an unidentified man in his 30s has DNA showing Prince has a 99% probability of being the man's father - reports the Santa Monica Observer

It is reported that Prince and the woman used to perform at the same clubs together, and they shared 'several romantic liasons' together. 

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Meanwhile, Prince's legendary band The Revolution are set to reunite and tour in his memory.

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