The ten-second preview comes ahead of Thursday’s first play
Cohan Chew

11:01 19th January 2016

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PJ Harvey has unveiled a preview of her new single, which is yet to be publically named, ahead of its official launch on Thursday 21 January.

According to PJ Harvey’s Twitter, Steve Lamacq will debut the single on his 4pm BBC 6 Music show on Thursday. You can hear the preview via the Twitter link below.

The track comes ahead of a new album, which is expected in to be released in Spring. The album will be her first studio album since the Mercury Prize winning ‘Let England Shake’.

Harvey had previously confirmed her new album with a 29 second video that featured footage of the singer recording in a studio. The album’s title has not yet been unveiled, but has hinted that the new album will continue with the political themes of Let England Shake. 

The new album was also teased at a multimedia show in London in October, where ten new songs were performed alongside poems, photos and short films from Seamus Murphy, who directed Harvey’s teaser video.

Harvey played: 'Chain Of Keys', 'The Wheel', 'The Orange Monkey', 'Dollar Dollar', 'The Community Of Hope', 'Homo Sappy Blues', 'Medicinals', 'Near the Memorials To Vietnam And Lincoln', 'River Anacostia' and 'The Ministry Of Social Affairs'.

Harvey is also amongst the first batch of artists to play Field Day 2016.

  • 12. 'Sheela-Na-Gig' from Harvey%u2019s Debut, Dry, saw the fledgling artist explode into public consciousness in 1992. This was no mean feat with grunge artists dominating the music scene in noisy fashion.

  • 11. 'Dress', also from Dry, is an early example of Harvey%u2019s uncompromising nature: a feisty critique on the superficial pressures put on women.

  • 10. '50 Ft Queenie's blaze of relentless drums, riffs and intransigent vocals meant Harvey%u2019s sophomore effort was more than a match for the riot grrrl movement of the time.

  • 9. 'To Bring You My Love' the title track, from the album of the same name, is an irresistible, dark, blues ode to obsessive love. Whats not to love?

  • 8. Harvey took a change of direction with Dark Chalk. She swapped her guitar for piano dominated tracks to create an ethereal song cycle. 'Under the Ether%u2019 is a fine example of the albums charms.

  • 7. 'Who the F**k?' finds Harvey back on gutsy form, and who the f**k could argue?

  • 6. Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea's cover was a far cry from the feral Rid of Me photography, but don't be fooled: 'Kamikaze' is a speedy, spunky number that belies the slick image Harvey exudes on the albums sleeve.

  • 5. 'Down by the Water's fuzzy guitar loops are the perfect foil to Harvey's innocent delivery: an ominous atmosphere prevails.

  • 4. 'Good Fortune' launched Harvey back into spotlight. It's an obvious single that retains Harvey%u2019s unshakable integrity whilst also being incessantly catchy.

  • 3. 'The Glorious Land' is one of the many highlights from the Mercury Prize winning Let England Shake. The quietly, but insistently, rhythmic tune is a fine example of Harvey's consistently imaginative take on popular music.

  • 2. 'This Mess We're In' got everyone immediately worked up. The prospect of alt hero, and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, duetting with Harvey was too delicious a concept, and it more than holds up to expectation.

  • 1. 'In the Dark Places' features some of Harvey's most spine tingly affecting lyrics, vocals and melodies in this moving meditation on pointlessness of war and the loss incurred by it.

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