Ways you can help to spread awareness and support Black Lives Matter
Laviea Thomas
15:00 3rd June 2020

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Before I move onto this piece I want to make a very important point: I have seen a lot of people talking BLM online emphasise what Black people have brought to this world. Whilst these are imperative things to remember, I want to add that even if this weren’t the case - if our Black brothers and sister weren’t constantly inventing new things or making memorable sacrifices - our human rights would still be just as important. As valuable as any white person. We shouldn’t have to have accomplished something major or fight our way to be worthy of our own basic human rights. 

It is essential that we also do praise those fearless actions, we acknowledge those inventions and we accept the hard work and promote the creativity of Black people. 

Black people are currently living in some very dark, dejected times. Those we love are being beaten, imprisoned and discriminated against for simply just the colour of their skin all over again. It’s heartbreaking to see this happen: the news is filled with so much pain right now, but on the other side of it all, is us, those trying to make the world a better place. Those trying to actively speak out, donate and show awareness. 

Across all industries people are making an active effort, and whilst the things we are seeing on social media can feel very overbearing, I want to assure you that we at Gigwise want to let you know we are here, we see you, we hear you and we want to help with the best efforts we can. Including just giving you some basic resources to use, in attempt to help educate yourselves on not only what’s happening right now, but what you can do to help.  

On Tuesday we partook in the media Blackout to take time off our own work and amplify Black voices, sharing anything that might help. Today we are back up and running as usual, more informed, and adamant to make a change.

We encourage you to look into the following: 


  • Dear White People – A Netflix show that aired in 2014, this show is an amazing representation of what racism and racial profiling looks like in todays society. Set in a university at a predominately white campus, I’m sure many black people can relate to some of the affairs that happen in this show and it’s destined to educate any non-white audiences on their actions. 
  • What White People Must Watch – Instagram IGTV @janayathefuture // Hosted by Canadian activist Janaya Khan
  • How to Donate to Black Lives Matter with Little to No Money – Zoe Amiga 


  • Nas ft Kanye West,  ‘Cops Shot The Kid,’ – Released in 2018, this track is a very powerful and sadly still a relevant statement. At the beginning of this record, spoken word lyrics paint a picture of a snippet of the injustice Black people are facing right now. “They had a curfew, niggers had to be home at 11, negros, 12. And you’d be trying to get home, doing your crew runs and they’d always catch you.” 
  • Junior Marvin, ‘Police and Thieves,’ – This original has been covered a few times, a memorable one being The Clash in 1977. Lyrics include, “scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition.” 
  • Nina Simone, ‘Strange Fruit,’ – Sampled by Kanye in his track 'Blood On The Leaves' this Nina Simone original is certain to give you chills, leave goosebumps and a sense of emptiness, “black bodies hanging,” she echoes throughout. If you want to feel something, listen to this and ask yourself: why is this still happening? 



It is vital we stick together during all this, it is beyond words to emphasise the importance of demanding a change. We mustn’t forget the lives of our Black trans women and men who are too short of representation.

If you’re reading this as a non-Black person, don’t just share: be aware of your privilege and use it the best way you can to make an active change. You can make a difference without spending money. We understand not everyone can donate, but we can still make a change. 

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Photo: Tom Russell