We can all do better
Jessie Atkinson
19:06 1st June 2020

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As non-Black people, we can always do better. There are always things that we should learn, though we will never fully understand. There are always things we can do, though we will never fully relate. 

In light of the powerful Black Lives Matter movement sweeping the United States and the globe following the murder of George Floyd, Gigwise will join much of the music industry in pausing the show. On Tuesday (2 June), we will go quiet on our site and social media, and instead use the time to understand how we can be and do better. 

Tomorrow, we will spend the time to interrogate how our own inherent biases come across in our work and actively plan ahead to better represent and support Black artists in the industry. Here's what some of our colleagues will be doing.

Courtney, Super Cat PR

"I'm participating because I'm sick of seeing mainstream media plunder the Black culture without acknowledging the struggles Black people face everyday. I also am sick of seeing labels and brands not investing their time and money properly into these Black artists.

Tomorrow I will be giving free advice to young, independent and non-funded Black musicians on how to market themselves through press. I hope my actions give them hope that there are people who are willing to listen and invest time in them, they are the creators of the music industry and deserve to be treated as such." 

To take Courtney up on her offer, dm her here.

Eleanor, One Great Song blog

"As a blog ran by two white women we are becoming more aware of the privilege we have. The time in black out tomorrow we plan to work on both diversifying our team by looking to hear the voices of more people as well as diversify our content.

As an indie blog we find a lot of our submissions are largely male and largely white, so it has become our job to make sure we are scouting out more up and coming artists from different backgrounds to make sure we have a true representation of new music!"

Rich Mix London, venue

"As an arts centre which was set up to ‘work towards the elimination of racial discrimination’ and who continue to strive to create spaces where the communities of the world can collide and create, we will not be silent on this issue. We stand in solidarity with the black community and with the music industry and we will be observing “Black Out Tuesday” tomorrow."

Hear more about what Rich Mix will be doing in the following days here. 

Zuzu, artist

"I’ll be participating in the music industry blackout this Tuesday in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. This is something that every person should take notice of, we all have to do better. I’m going to spend the day reading, listening and learning, I will make sure this continues into my every day. If you can please donate to the charities fighting the brutal injustices black people face daily."

Banquet Records

"It's no secret that the management of Banquet are white. It's highy important that we - white people - act as allies in the fight against racism, which is sadly still so prevalent...financially, we're donating $2505 towards the cause to mark 25/05. We know this is a tiny amount of what's needed. We'll try to use our platform more to further societal change."

Hear more about what Banquet Records will be doing in the following days here. 

James, Prescription PR

"I think we as people, like so many others around the world, have been shocked and concerned by what we've seen happening in Minnesota and cities across America. We'll be making donations tomorrow and most of all this is about showing solidarity with the black community and adding to a discourse that needs to be taking place no matter your own personal background."

Hear more about what Prescription PR will be doing in the following days here. 

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