From Coldplay to Cymbals Eat Guitars, the best new releases this week
Will Butler, Cai Trefor

17:28 6th November 2015

Coldplay - 'Adventure Of A Lifetime'
Lets be honest, the album is called A Head Full Of Dreams and the song has the word 'adventure' and 'lifetime' - we all know that this Coldplay release was going to be an uplifting affair. Like they've jumped the gun to contributing to the soundtrack of Life Of Pi 2, 'Adventure' is an eastern influenced stadium-filler, and really fulfils the prophecy of a more 'dance-orientated' Coldplay. 

Aurora - 'Half The World Away'
The John Lewis Advert is always a point of contention, weirdly. What should be an, albeit sappy, introduction to the festive season is always met with seething rage from one half and a barrage of tearful emojis by the other. Luckily, what we can all agree on, is that Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora totally captured the magic of the season with her enchanting cover of this Oasis classic. 

Cymbals Eat Guitars - 'Aerobed'
As far as 'emo revivalist' bands go, which, for the record, are mostly great, Cymbals Eat Guitars have sustained a level of excellence with everything they've put out since 2009. What stands out, namely, is Joseph D'Agostino's charisma. Even on an acoustic cut like this, where the intensity of schizophrenic guitars aren't present to emphasise the angst, D'Agostino comes through with a harrowing vocal performance.

Banks - 'Better'
Banks is the name, and broody RnB is the game. Except, with this first track from a new album, Banks isn't showing any sign of painting with the same brush as her debut. 'Better' delves deeper in its production and pushes the singer's voice to corners not yet explored. Think FKA twigs, but produced by the people who make those monster THX systems.

Wall - 'Cuban Cigars'
NYC’s WALL released their first ever single this week. It’s a righteous slice of post punk that would make Gang of Four proud. But most importantly it’ll immediately make you want to start moshing around in your living room – it’s a great house party track. At only 2:12 seconds long, it’s over before you know it, but it’s so enjoyable you’ll inevitably hit rewind. 

Mind Enterprises - 'Chapita'
New Because Music signee (Metronomy, Django Django) Andrea Tirone, who goes under the above moniker, dropped his first video this week. It’s a summery affair that doesn’t exactly portray the dismal grey of November skies in Britain. Instead, it feels more intimately connected with the summery electro of Miami Horror and label mates Metronomy. Turn up your heating, pour yourself a cocktail and forget it’s always raining outside.

Daudi Matsiko - 'Take Me Old'
Equal parts Ben Howard and The Microphones, the warming sound of analogue rustle slowly unfurls into a gliding string sections. The timbre of the instrumentation gives a rustic platform for Matsiko's piercing and endearing lyrics. The track exudes an intimacy that can only be witnessed from a distance, yet the affability remains in the universality of fear as an acting catalyst for appreciation and love.

Photo: Gigwise