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Billy Crystal Lifts The Lid On Monsters, Inc Prequel

Monsters University 'college pranks with monsters'...


Billy Crystal Lifts The Lid On Monsters, Inc Prequel Photo:

Billy Crystal has called Monsters University "really funny."

The 63-year-old reprises his role as Mike Wazowski in the preview to 2001 Pixar film Monsters, Inc, alongside John Goodman's P. 'Sulley' Sullivan.

Crystal told the Los Angeles Times: "We’re having a blast together. It’s really a great script, it’s really funny.

"The Pixar people are geniuses. It’s 10 years since the first movie. Yeah, it’s crazy. And it’s a prequel. They’re in college. It’s how they met, it’s how Michael and Sully meet, and plan to become scarers at Monsters, Inc. So this movie ends where the other one starts."

He added: "It’s college pranks with monsters. And I wear a retainer. Mike has a retainer."

Monsters University is due for release in 2013.

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