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Skylar Grey Says Dr Dre And Eminem Saved My Career

The singer reveals...


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Skylar Grey has revealed how Dr Dre and Eminem helped save her career.

The singer, who wrote and appears on their single 'I Need A Doctor, said that the rappers helped save her career by keeping her vocals on the track.

“Things kinda fell apart with my career and my personal life, so I just retreated up in the woods in Oregon just to get away from L.A. and the whole music industry. I felt like I lost touch with who I was as a person, as an artist,'' Grey told Rap-Up.

On appearing on 'I Need A Doctor, she added: ''Eminem was like, ‘We are not taking her vocals off the song!’ So I got kept on there and it changed my life. He’s one of the most stand-up guys that I’ve met in the music industry. [He's] so nice, made a point to take me aside and tell me privately how grateful he was for my work on his album.”

Meanwhile, Eminem has become the first US artist to sell over one million downloads with his 2010 album 'Recovery'.

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