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Gnarls Barkley Due To Start Work On New Album

Cee-Lo Green says...


Gnarls Barkley Due To Start Work On New Album Photo:

Cee-Lo Green has revealed that Gnarls Barkley will return to the studio soon to record their third album.

Gnarls Barkley, made up of Cee-Lo Green and producer Danger Mouse, will start work on  the follow-up to 2008's The Odd Couple.

''There is a new Gnarls Barkley album coming out! I would hope it would break more grounds. Knowing the nature of the space that we shared I am pretty sure it will be somewhat similar," Barkley told US Weekly.

Cee-Lo Green will join such acts as  Big Boi and Janelle Monae at this year's Glastonbury festival.

Meanwhile, Cee-Lo Green has offended fans after making 'anti-gay' remarks on Twitter.

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